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Name:Fredrick Nelson
Birthdate:Mar 12
Fredrick: Every thief needs a trademark, something to be remembered by - and for Fredrick, it was going to be spoons. From every house he robbed, he was going to take one; and not just some cheap thing of wood or steal, but something silver - something expensive; and at the next house... he'd swap it. He thought it sounded cool. Unfortunately, most people failed to notice; or appreciate it if they did.

Even more unfortunately, he started becoming known for more than just the silverware - Fredrick had a bad habit of flirting with the ladies; and when one of those ladies turned out to be married... Gabrielle died trying to save her thief's life; and, with thanks from a "trinket" he'd stolen from her, it worked. Slashed through the throat and thrown out the window, Fredrick woke up twenty four hours later without a scratch on him, marked only by a ruby necklace he couldn't seem to get off.

Five hundred years later, he's still alive - and, trapped somewhere in the back of his brain, so's the woman who "died" for him.

These days, it's less about the thievery, though; he hasn't forgotten his skills - he'll steal an occasional shower, or even pick the occasional pocket - but he relies more on Gabrielle's; magic tricks and music mostly.

Gabrielle: An aristocratic lady (by her father), her mother was a witch - a power she inherited, but was never allowed to use. She was supposed to be the perfect daughter, not the freak show. That's what they taught her - that's what they drilled into her every day, before sending her off with a wealthy husband for what amounted to little more than a business contract.

But Gabrielle had watched that attitude destroy her mother from the inside out; she had listened to her mother's last rattling breath, and seen the bruises her father had inflicted in trying to control the powers he feared. And she wasn't precisely happy to let it happen to her.

...Which is probably why she made the mistake of latching onto the first real excitement to enter into her life, in the form of Fredrick; she saw him as her way out; as he attempted to charm her, she attempted to seduce him - until her oaf of a husband got in the way, and cut things short (along with her windpipe when she tried to stand in his way.)

Now it seems she's just traded one prison for another, trapped in someone else's body, as he lives the exciting life she always wanted for her own.

Amulet: For those curious, information can be found here.

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